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Pricing Tables


The price for smocking dress is guided through 5 variables in which customers may define specific requirement. The pricing table below gives detailed charges for several types of customization.

  • Smocking rows is related to the in tended height of pleated area.
  • Boolean section is the sets of booleans flowers embroidery.
  • Sleeve, piping and collar are considered as add-in that will be flat-rated at RM5.00 respectively.

Please refer below for general example:

13 rows smocking

5 boolean flowers

Basic workmanship

add-in Sleeve

add-in Piping

add-in Collar


= RM 15.60

= RM 2.50

= RM 35.00

= RM 5.00

= RM 5.00

= RM 5.00

= RM 68.10

Pricing Table 2.0